Thai Pin Restaurant opened in May 1991 and it is located in the heart of St. Margaret’s village, just between Richmond and Twickenham. We are proud to be the first and still the best authentic restaurant in the area. Our small restaurant is run by 2 passionate about Thai food and culture partners: Aleksandra and Goy. You can find one of us in the kitchen cooking your meal and the other in front making sure you are served with personal attention. This is our one and only restaurant.

In the time of globalisation restaurants become more and more impersonal and similar. Small businesses are disappearing fast giving place to larger companies with everything prepared in the large factories and executive meetings. Everything has to be cost effective; therefore there is no room for personal preferences which makes dishes served individual. But in Thai Pin both partners are here everyday to ensure that you will receive friendly and attentive service, your food will be the highest quality and you will eat in inviting and appreciative your custom atmosphere. We have chosen this policy because we believe in it with all our hearts and with passion. We currently have a promotion on FreebieEmpire, which is a Free Stuff site based in the UK.

Come and see for yourself!

Aleksandra & Goy